Wedding Day


How long does it take for you to respond to an inquiry?

I often respond immediately depending on the day/time. No more than 24 hours.

Are you able to work with bridal parties of varying ethnicities or different cultures?

Yes, I have a very diverse clientele with varying skin tones from very fair to very deep. My kit wouldn’t be complete without a wide range of foundations, I can custom blend for every complexion.

Do you also do hair?

Yes but for parties more than 2 people, I will recommend one of my partner stylists, who I trust to deliver the look you want.

Can you accommodate a large bridal party?

Absolutely! If your bridal party is 4 or more, I will bring an additional artist that I’ve personally trained or worked with. I also have great assistants who accompany me to most weddings regardless of size. They help me with setup, cleaning and staying on time.

How long does it take to do makeup?

Brides: 90 minutes to 2 hours of service, depending on the level of application. This includes a detailed skin prep and false lash application (individual or strip). Bridal party: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

I am having a destination wedding, do you travel?

Definitely! Destinations weddings require an add-on travel package. This may include ground transportation, flight, hotel accommodations and meals. The same will apply to brides more than 3 hours away from the Atlanta Metro area.

At this time, I’m not sure how many in my bridal party can commit to your services, can I still book you?

Yes, once I’ve received a deposit for your bridal package, changes to the number in bridal party can be made, up until one month before the wedding date. Any additions after that may require schedule accommodations and will be discussed during the consultation or trial.

Do you offer a trial/demo before my wedding date?

Yes, although it is not required before the wedding date. It allows us to get to know each other and decide on a look that works best for you. Plus, you get a chance to live in the look and think about any adjustments you will want on the wedding day.

I have an idea of the look I want but I’m not sure. Can you give me some options during the trial?

My process during the trial begins with us recapping details discussed during our phone consultation. I then create a bridal look that combines your requests with my aesthetic. I usually start off natural and build up the glam as we go.

I found some inspiration looks online, can you make me look like that?

Every artist has their own unique aesthetic and you the client also has your own unique look. Skin tone, facial features, eye shape and bone structure all play a part in how we apply makeup. Therefore, I don’t try to recreate an image but take what you like about it and make it work for you. A lot of what you see on social media platforms are heavy applications and edited photos. As an artist I can see when a look is full coverage with lots of powder. To you it might look natural but it’s only natural in color. Another reason while a trial is recommended.

I have oily skin and I may sweat a lot, will the makeup last?

The great thing about “now” is that technology in makeup has come a long way. Combined with technique, the products in my kit are formulated to hold back the shine and withstand the sweat. However, if you choose to do a more natural skinlike finish the makeup may break down faster, requiring more touch ups. I suggest utilizing my touch up package for before and during the reception.

Do you offer packages? What is your pricing?

To offer you the best level of service, a phone consultation is required. Understanding your vision and wedding details will allow me to offer you the best package and payment options available.