My foundation is too thick and heavy

The key to a flawless makeup application is your base otherwise known as foundation. It comes in many different forms such as powder, cream, tinted moisturizer, bb cream or most popular liquid. Choosing the right formula depends on your skin type and what look you are going for. 

Correcting Your Foundation

Uh Oh! You bought this new foundation that is all the rage and everyone loves it except you. The color is great but it just to heavy for your skin and to make matters worst you spent a weeks worth of gas. What now?

Solution 1: Mix it with a small amount of moisturizer or essential oil to thin out the product.

Solution 2: Mix half the foundation you would normally use with your favorite liquid illuminator like Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter for a glowing finish. 

Solution 3: Mix it with an essential oil and illuminator for a more dewy refreshed look.

Before committing to purchasing any foundation, it is best to go to your local cosmetic counter and request samples of different brands and finishes.

Here are some of my personal favorites: