My foundation is too thick and heavy

The key to a flawless makeup application is your base otherwise known as foundation. It comes in many different forms such as powder, cream, tinted moisturizer, bb cream or most popular liquid. Choosing the right formula depends on your skin type and what look you are going for. 

Correcting Your Foundation

Uh Oh! You bought this new foundation that is all the rage and everyone loves it except you. The color is great but it just to heavy for your skin and to make matters worst you spent a weeks worth of gas. What now?

Solution 1: Mix it with a small amount of moisturizer or essential oil to thin out the product.

Solution 2: Mix half the foundation you would normally use with your favorite liquid illuminator like Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter for a glowing finish. 

Solution 3: Mix it with an essential oil and illuminator for a more dewy refreshed look.

Before committing to purchasing any foundation, it is best to go to your local cosmetic counter and request samples of different brands and finishes.

Here are some of my personal favorites: 

Cost of Professional Wedding Makeup and Hair

Whether you have just begun your search or have  been looking for a while, finding a makeup artist and/or hairstylist can feeling like a daunting task.  Brides spend hours scouring sites like pinterest, instagram, the knot and weddingwire looking for an artist who fit their style and budget. Through all that searching you realize the cost of wedding hair and makeup is more than you bargained for. You might even be considering doing it yourself or asking a friend. However, professional makeup artists and hairstylists take a number factors into consideration, when deciding rates and fees and so should brides.

Expertise: Professional makeup artists  like any other profession go through various forms of training such as school, workshops, apprenticeships and certification classes. They spend thousands of dollars and put in hours of practice to build the skills needed to provide a quality beauty service. Their education, experience and talent allow them to apply makeup and style hair to each client’s individual needs instead of a one size fits all approach.

Photography: Unless you’re a celebrity, your wedding day will probably be the most photographed event in your lifetime. Most brides spend upwards of a thousand dollars for wedding photos and video. Therefore it is imperative that your makeup and hair are done to look flawless on wedding photos and video. A professional makeup artist knows which products will look best on camera based.

Peace of Mind: If you’ve done your research and have had a successful trial and secured a great beauty expert, then your getting ready process will be so much easier. Your artists have done multiples of weddings and they’ve probably seen all sorts of mishaps; giving them the experience to handle any setback they may occur. A true professional will provide a relaxing environment while you sip mimosas and chat with the bridesmaids. Instead of hassling with trying to glue on your lashes.

Professional hair and makeup is an investment in ensuring a flawless long lasting look on your wedding day. Sure you can check out your favorite youtube tutorial but by the time you buy all the products you may as well hire a professional who knows how to use them.

Preparing for Your Bridal Trial

Planning for your wedding day is stressful enough but your hair and makeup trial doesn’t have to be. These simple steps will make it easier for you and your beauty expert to decide on the perfect look.

  • Arrive with clean blow-dried hair
  • Skin should be exfoliated and moisturized
  • Brows should be waxed at least one week prior
  • Wear an off the shoulder top, white blouse or tube top (this will make it easy for you to envision yourself in your dress)
  • Bring the veil/headpiece and jewelry
  • Bring a picture of the dress
  • Send 2 pictures of yourself with and without makeup to the makeup artist and hairstylist (this is allows them to become familiar with your look and prepare beforehand)